Thursday, June 15, 2017


-Giggles: when kissed repeatedly, during raspberries, when tickled, and when cheeks are squeezed
-Ticklish: his back and cheeks/under his chin are most ticklish
-Smiles freely
-Loves mirrors
-Smiles at the picture of my mom on the wall EVERY time he sees it
-Learned how to whine-cry
-Has an active body (lots of kicking, flailing arms, looking from side to side)
-Wants to stand, always
-Improved hand coordination
- Likes to chew/suck on his hands and blankets, but doesn't really chew/suck on other toys or objects yet
-Enjoys sucking/chewing on just one or two fingers at a time
-Likes squawking, chatting and cooing
-Loves to be outside, specifically, he loves trees
-Left side dominant, for now
-Flew across the country and did great on the plane!
-Now refuses to roll over
-Loves to snuggle up with any blanket
-Holding onto a blanket will help him calm down if he is upset
-Can turn himself in circles on his back
-This isn't a highlight, but he got his first cold this month :(
-Loves to lay swaddled but right up against to you in bed, with his head nuzzled against your chest, neck or tummy.

(once he falls asleep he will turn his head up like this, but as he is falling asleep, he keeps his face turned in right against your body and you feel concerned about whether or not he can breathe)

Continues To:
-eats well, not at all demanding
-Sleeps great for the most part--12 hrs a night, eats after the first 8 hrs
-Still has his bright blue eyes!
-Is spoiled by Kyle <3
-Personality is calm, content, curious and a little shy
-A Mama's boy
-loves T.V.
-loves bath time with Dad
-loves being swaddled

-Weight: 15 lbs
-Length: 25.5 inches
-3-6M Clothes
-Size 2 Diapers

This month Ezra has just become so much more interactive. It is so fun! He gets excited when we come in the room. He smiles the biggest grins. He squawks like a bird all day long. He kicks and marches. He likes to stand and bobble. He likes to chat with anyone who will give him the time of day. He is most interactive when he is just laid flat on his back. When he is being held or sitting propped up, he is more interested in looking around and less interested in making noise.

To our best estimation, Z battles some pretty scary nightmares every once in a while. He will punctuate a dead sleep with sudden, piercing screams. He's not awake, just screaming out of what we can only determine to be fear. The cry is so different from any other cry (pain, hunger, anger, etc.) It is so sad and scary for us (and him too, I'm sure!) The worst part is not being able to help him. We will pick him up and try to talk to him to wake him up and/or calm him down, but it is often of no use. It only happens once every few weeks. My mother instincts tell me that night terrors will be a part of our lives for many years to come.

I have to write a little blurb about Ezra's love for trees. It is such a cute personality trait right now and I don't want to forget about it! There is an aspen-like tree in our front yard. Each day I will just go out and lay him in the grass under it. He is mesmerized by the shimmering leaves. Each time a breeze he will start to kick his legs and make "OOOOOOOHHHHH WWWWAAAAAA" sounds as he watches those leaves dance. When we go for walks he will look at us, until we walk under trees, then he will just look up in the most sincere amazement and curiosity.

His hair has grown a lot more this month. He has this head of fluffy feather-like hair that stands straight up. He looks like a little bird or duck. It has been one of my favorite changes this month, I think. So cute.

Notice: feathery baby bird hair <3

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  1. Those night terrors are so heartbreaking. Elsie had them a lot. I found singing her primary songs helped a little but mostly I'd just have to hold her while she finished screaming. Ezra has officially passed up Hazel! She was 13 lbs 15 oz at her year check up. They're wearing the same size clothes and diapers though! I love his cheeks.