Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Month Three

--Mama's boy (but STARES at Kyle anytime he is in the room)
--Likes baths now
--Has learned he can kick and splash during bath time
--Can roll from tummy to back
--Very smiley
--Enjoys his play mat
--Has begun to try and reach for toys
--On the verge of full-belly giggles but not quite (little mini-giggles for now)
--Sleeping great!
--Likes sport time with Dad.....aaaaaand any other time we will let him look at the TV
--Is beginning to reach and trying to grab toys/other objects
--Snuggly little dude, likes to relax cheek to cheek
--Not a performer. Does not like doing things on cue.
--Smiles biggest at: animal noises, the word "Hi!", when other people laugh, and when mommy kisses him on the mouth!, tongue clicking sounds, rolled "r" sounds, anything noise that is loud (to a degree) and sudden

Ezra's favorite hobby is staring at the light fixture above our dining room table. We have one of those sturdy changing pads that has raised edges which I just lay on our dining room table. He will lay there, stare at the light fixture, coo *loudly*, and kick about for as long as we will let him. His affections for light fixtures are not equal. He has particular admiration for the dining room light fixture. Sometimes if he is a little fussy I will just lay him under the light. It is pretty magical. If you try to talk and play with him while he is light-watching, his little eyes will dart back and forth between the light and your face unsure which one would be better to settle on. Eventually the darting becomes so quick that you feel bad for his little eyes and concede to the light fixture just so he doesn't have to choose!

He has started sleeping "through the night." Technically, according to Dr's that is, through the night is any stretch 5-7 hours (at least that is my understanding.) He consistently gives us about 7 hour stretches. Sometimes he does 8 hour stretches, sometimes 6. And, after these long stretches he eats and goes back to sleep for another few hours (3-4). He's the BEST. In total, he sleeps about 12 hours a night, with one feeding in there.

Ezra does a great job being held by whomever. He just hangs out and lets himself be passed around, no problem--very mellow. However, if for some reason it gets to be too long of a stretch that he goes without being able to see either Kyle or I, or being able to hear one of our voices, he starts to get nervous and pout-cries. As long as he can hear one of us though, he does fine. It makes us think that maybe he is naturally a little bit shy. Whenever we are in a new place that isn't the house he gets my shirt or fingers in a vice-grip and just clings as he looks around with wide eyes. He usually relaxes once we are there for a little while, though. I can only think of one time that he has smiled while we were not in the house/on a walk i.e. one time he has smiled in public. 

April-May was the month of figuring out nap time! At first he was only taking like 20-30 minute naps at a time. He wanted to be held a lot for naps as well (which I didnt mind, honestly.) But, I did need to do homework and so this month we have been trying to figure out a better nap schedule. It was not an overnight process, for sure. But, we found a pretty good groove starting last week. He sleeps great and for decently long stretches if he is on our bed. We lay him on our bed in his, what we call, peanut swaddle (https://lovetodream.com), and Kyle or I lay next to him for a minute until he falls asleep--which is generally pretty quickly. Finding a pacifier that stayed in his mouth was KEY to nap time success. I found a pacifier that came in a box of bottles we had and it fits the shape of his mouth better. I am worried about how moving to Seattle will change the great schedule that we JUST BARELY established *nervous face*

When he was first born, the nurses showed me how to break his latch while he was nursing and told me that once it seemed like he had finished eating and was just pacifying, I should break the latch. Then he started to spit up like a mad man because I was overproducing and forceful let down was ruining his life. These two things combined meant that I always cut him off. He never learned how to un-latch on his own. Around month two I decided to just let him eat until he wanted to be done, since his tummy issues had calmed down  (he still spits up a ton, but not like before) and my milk had regulated, but he had no idea how to unlatch. It has been a funny learning curve to observe. First he would throw his head back, but not let go (ouch...) over and over again until I would break the latch. Then he started to learn how to un-latch, but it was a dramatic affair. He was throw his head back as he let go and gasp in a big breath of air. Drama king. Now he has figured out that he can unlatch and then latch back on while he is eating and will spent like two minutes unlatching and then latching and then unlatching and then latching. He will look me right in the eye the whole time like "Do you see what I can do!?" It is fun to watch him learn, even small things! But, his new found skill also means he will refuse to eat sometimes ("I can let go now, so I WILL!")

Mornings are the best time of day. After a long full night's sleep and after he has nursed and has a full belly, Ezra is the HAPPIEST little guy. We spend about an hour in bed just chatting, smiling, and cuddling together. I have said to Kyle a few times: "Do you think he will do this with me for the rest of his life?" Kyle doesn't think he will be too keen on it when he is 40, or 14 for that matter, but I beg to differ! He is always going to want me to kiss him all over his face, right? RIGHT!? *Pleading voice*

This month Ezra was blessed. It was such a happy day for us. He met Grandpa Jeff for the first time and *really* met Grandpa Brown for the first time too (because he slept through their meeting last time!) Kyle's blessing for Ezra was beautiful and it was special to have both of our dads here to participate. My dad, and later another member of the branch, commented that Ezra just looked right at Kyle during the blessing--taking it all in. What a sweet little spirit we have.

Kyle's basketball team also attended, as well as a family friend of my parent's (originally) who lives in Utica, and another friend of ours here in Ithaca. I just felt so...FILLED...during the whole day! Filled with all the good feelings there are to be filled with. Mostly, gratitude.

Kyle and Alivia:

-Kyle finished up his Junior year!
-We are moving to Seattle in a couple days where Kyle has an internship with Amazon!
-We are living with my padre
-I started classes again in April. Two classes. I'm thinking i'lll do two a semester from here until I graduate. It feels like a manageable load--busy for sure, but not overwhelming.

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