Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

We spent the days preceding Christmas in Las Vegas. Kyle had a tournament. All the Burnham side of the family was there as well as Kyle's parents and brother. It was so fun to be with so much family and have a mini Christmas together. 

We traveled home on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas day, low-key, just the two of us. It was lovely. Having Christmas on Sunday has always been my favorite. There is something extra special about it. We slept in, ate cinnamon rolls (from a tube ha), and opened stockings. Then we headed to Church. Our Sunday church meeting was unique and unlike any Church or Christmas service I had been to before. Instead of having talks, they had a couple do a "reading." The wife would give a little historical background then the husband would read a passage of scripture, then we would stand and sing, or the choir would sing. It was wonderful! 

We came home, opened presents and ate lunch. We had dinner with the senior missionary couple serving in our Branch and another couple who was here just them two for Christmas. It was delicious and so fun. Then we got to FaceTime with Kyle's little sister, Melody, who is serving a mission in Cambodia!

On Black Friday, Kyle and I took to Buy Buy Baby, with our Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards from our wedding, to get some of our "essentials." Then, we decided that anything we got in the mail would go under our tree for us to open at Christmas. A BIG ol' box arrived about a week later and it has been sitting staring me in the face for the last month. After we had opened all our other presents, we placed the big box between us, opened the top and then took turns reaching inside to grab out one thing at a time. 

Long live the year of the Washi Tree! (which wasn't lopsided, even though it appears that way)

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