Monday, December 26, 2016

8 Months

Month 8:

-Kicking, stretching and wriggling are an all day affair

-Baby kicks and flips while I stand and walk now, in addition to when I sit and lay
-Nesting is in full swing for this mama
-99% of strangers I talk to ask me about the baby
-I feel less pregnant than I look. My stomach still surprises me when I look in the mirror. 
-Baby: All five senses are fully developed/functioning and ready for use in the outside world. About 3.5 pounds. Somewhere around 18 inches long. 

Little brother is getting very strong. I am so glad he is really strong! But, occasionally, my uterus and ab muscles might not agree. It seems like he has gone from sporadic, twitch-type kicking to testing his limits. He pushes against me and sees juuuuust how far he can stretch those appendages before he can't anymore. Sometimes his movements are a little painful. But, I love feeling him wiggle all day. Plus, it is fun that Kyle can feel him all the time now instead of playing the kicking guessing game.
For the first time that I have noticed, baby had a really strong reaction to a meal. It was zucchini casserole, which happens to be one of my very favorite comfort foods. I could eat it probably every day. When I was first pregnant and wanted nothing but fruit and water, zucchini casserole was one of the first things I remember thinking "man that sounds good." I made a casserole this week and within about a half hour baby brown started going crazy. I've only felt him move in such a fashion once when he woke me up at 2 am. So, this must mean that he either loves it or he hates it, right? Or his movements and my food consumption have nothing to do with each other. I'm banking on causation instead of correlation though ;)
His newest hobbies include lodging himself under the right side, and right side only, of my ribs and also trying to grab onto my hip bones. I know that the latter might seem impossible, but I swear that is what he is doing haha. It's as if he has been floating in fluid and felt the squishy umbilical chord and the flexible sides of the womb, then BAM, one day he discovered bone and is fascinated by it. It seems when he is able to get his arm just right (doesn't happen very often) and feels my hip bones, his little fingers start to try and hold/grab onto it--kinda like he is tickling me. Does this make our child a genius? I think so. 


We barely both fit in the seat on the plane. I was about two inches away from needing a seat belt extender. (p.s. 32 weeks here and 30 weeks above proved to make quite the difference in belly size)

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