Thursday, December 1, 2016


This week we celebrated Kyle's 24th birthday! While we understand that 24 is very young, to us the fact that he is now in his MID twenties is kind of blowing our minds. We celebrated with a dinner date to Texas Roadhouse one night and dinner with Kyle's parents and a friend from the team at Five Guys the following night. Kyle was in food heaven. Tonight's dinner of meatloaf, while a favorite of Kyle's, just might not hold up to the caliber of this week's previous dinners. He has felt so loved the past few days and I love seeing him so happy. 

In his 24th year Kyle has: 

-Completed his sophomore year of college
-Was called into the Branch Presidency 
-Accepted an Internship with Coldwell Banker
-Worked for Coldwell Banker from May-August
     --wrote new programs that significantly changed the offices tech functioning
     --impressed everyone
-Began developing an app of his own with his brother (JottSpot)
-Found out he was going to be a Papa
-Went to SPAIN and played ball there
-Started his Junior Year of school

Year 24 has been prrrrrretty good to him. It has been FILLED with big, life changing events. From my perspective, watching Kyle grapple with each new challenge or event has been difficult and exhilarating. He is so talented, smart and capable. He has and will continue to do amazing things, I have no doubt about it. 

Kyle says: "My 24th year started as one of the most challenging, but finished as one of the most hope-filled years of my life." I think that says it all. 


  1. LOVE. You guys are some of the most mature 24-year-olds I've ever known. Man, when I think back to 24 year old Shaina, I wonder how I had two kids by then and kept them alive, hahaha. Also, does that calling make Kyle a high priest already?

  2. Love you guys! A LOT! I agree wholeheartedly with every good thing you say about Kyle! He is an undisputed CHAMPION at everything that really matters.