Monday, November 28, 2016

7 Months

Month 7

-The heartburn continues
-A man walked up to me and said "So you having twins?" *eye roll*
-General Baby Stats: About 2.5 lbs, 15 inches. He has eyelashes, can blink, and discern light from dark. His main goal between now and the due date is to gain fat around those strong bones and developed muscles!
-Aversions: Nothing
-Cravings: None

Little Brother has established a bit of a schedule. Between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, he is calm. I might get a nudge here and there, but mostly he just sleeps or floats. Between the hours of 7 and 11 pm, however, it is like a fireworks show in there.

Edit: He has gotten more active throughout the whole day with less emphasis during the night hours. He has never kicked me or repositioned (at least that I can feel) while I was walking or standing up--only when I sit or lie down.

Edit #2: He now prefers to be awake when I am asleep. And by "asleep" I mean, laying in bed not sleeping because little brother is working on his olympic acrobatics. According to the internet, the daily routine of walking and moving around lulls babies to sleep, so when you settle down at night, they become more active due to your lack of movement. Pretty neat.
I've been able to make out his little body! It has been so exciting. I've been feeling his kicks for a couple months now, but this week (11/5) I started to be able to actually feel different limbs and such. I don't know which parts they are, but I just know that it is HIM. I can push on my stomach during different points in the day and feel a little heel or elbow. It's the best--my favorite "stage" so far.
I burned my hand pretty badly this month. There is no elaborate story, but just wanted the record to reflect my pregnancy clumsiness--though I'm not sure pregnancy had anything to do with it. Careless mistakes. Silly me. Crispy hand. I kept it in cold water for over 5 hours and still could barely handle the pain whenever I tried to remove it. So, it looks like i'll do really well with childbirth.
Last night (11/23) we felt the baby get hiccups for the first time. I thought I felt a kick and since Kyle was right there on the couch I had him put his hand on my stomach. But then we got a "bump...bump...bump...bump...bump" in perfect rhythm. I was so glad that not only did we have a first, but that Kyle was HERE and we felt it together at the same time!

I am officially a part of the third (AND FINAL, HOW) trimester club

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