Friday, October 28, 2016


Month 6:

-Experiencing heartburn for the first time in my life (Does this mean hair for baby boy brown!?)
-My hair is falling out.
-Got some of our first official baby gear
-Gained 15 pounds so far.
-I am allergic to cocoa butter lotion! Ugh. 
-Aversions: fried chicken (this has been since the beginning, with the exception of one day that I really wanted KFC).
-Cravings: fish tacos, old fashion glazed donuts
The girls in my family lose their hair when they start having babies. It is just a thing. I thought maybe I would be spared from this fate, but I was not. I started noticing about a month ago when all of a sudden I was pulling out handfuls of hair throughout the day. It isn't super noticeable quite yet, but it will be. When the time comes, and my hair becomes drug-addict stringy, I will have to cut these locks I've worked so many years to grow. Such is life. There are worse things. Still, maybe I've spent the past few days looking at pictures of my hair from the last few years, maybe I haven't. I just really hope I don't lose my curls!!

My mom swore that the reason she didn't loose her hair when she had babies was because my dad scratched her head every single night. I've been forcing the same fate upon Kyle. We will see what becomes of me. The whiney woe-as-me part of myself wants to stomp my feet and say that it is not fair that my whole body has to change forever AND I have to lose my hair. But the rational side of me says "Buuuuuuuuut you get a baby!" It depends on the day which side wins this argument in my mind.
We shared our baby registry on Facebook this month and some very kind, generous people, began sending little presents our way. Let me tell you, I could get used to baby packages every day in the mail. It is like a fluster of joy each time we open something new for baby! It helps it feel so REAL and allows my nesting instinct to be satiated a little. We have been genuinely touched and amazed by the generosity of family and friends. Tears have been shed. Gratitude has been felt in overwhelming abundance.

For anyone who reads this blog, but does not use Facebook our registry is: baby registry!

Teddy bear hood <3

Oh me oh my. Bring it on third trimester. 

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