Thursday, January 19, 2017

9 Months

Month 9:

-Little Brother is taking after his mama by getting the hiccups constantly. I'm so sorry, dude.
-I think about labor/delivery constantly
-Braxton Hicks is a daily visitor around here
-Gained 40 lbs
Cravings: tortilla chips dipped in melted chocolate chips, taco bell, soft serve ice cream cones

I told Kyle at 32 weeks that I felt like I had reached a sweet spot in pregnancy. I looked pregnant enough that everyone I interacted with knew I was pregnant. But, I felt normal and pregnancy wasn't really limiting me in anyway (besides the fact that I couldn't do handstands.)

Well, at about 34 weeks, my sweet spot had wained. For the first time during this pregnancy, I was/am feeling PREGNANT. I have contractions just about every day. I get tired quickly. I have to walk slowly. I start to waddle after around 20 minutes on my feet. I need breaks to sit or lay down after any activity. I'm really thirsty. I want to drink juice. (First that you?) My face looks like I just got my wisdom teeth taken out. My tummy is starting to get in my way a bit. I'm constantly in a state of hunger, wanting to eat eat eat, while simultaneously being aware of how large I am--causing body insecurities that are not at all foreign to me, but are still strong and real. I have stretch marks and sure there are more on their way. I wake up during the night to pee, but feel grateful it wasn't until this point in my pregnancy that that happened. I wake up often because my hips or back are aching and I need to reposition.

Don't get me wrong, I am certainly not miserable in any way. I haven't reached that place yet. Everyone says you get to a place where you are so uncomfortable you would just rather give birth than be pregnant even one more day. I'm not to that place. Not even close. In fact, I still feel good, just uncomfortable. It seems whiney to complain in any way about my small and slight discomforts. But, my whole pregnancy I've felt normal. That is the best way I can describe it. Pregnancy didn't really make me feel any differently than I felt when I wasn't pregnant. Until now. Now, I feel pregnant.

36 weeks

 about 33 weeks

(Our bathroom has the best light, that is why all of my pictures are taken in there!)

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  1. Looking good, sister! My fingers and face always blew up with water retention when I was pregnant--especially with Amber. Em and I call it fat face. Luckily it deflated within a few months after birth, but I feel your pain there--although I don't think anyone else can really tell that your face is different but you. I never could see it on anyone but myself. Your belly is like the perfect shape--I hope the hiccups aren't too painful!