Monday, October 3, 2016

HALFWAY there, Oh, oh, Living on a Prayer

The above lyrics have never been so accurate

Month 5:

-Felt baby's movements for the first time!
-Baby bump, acquired
-Somebody came up and touched my belly for the first time
-Somebody asked if I was pregnant for the first time (w/o prior knowledge)
-Due date changed to February 17th
-I've been eating a lot (relative) of salad--this is rare for me. I love veggies. I don't love salad.
-Aversions: Ice cream
-Cravings: Nachos (with that fake cheese sauce and jalepenos), fish tacos, coconut shrimp from Red Lobster

I thought maybe I had felt baby moving last month, but I hadn't. I started feeling kicks this past week (about 9/18ish? on)

Kyle felt baby for the first time 9/21/2016. We had gone to bed for the night and baby started kicking away. The kicks are still sporadic and small nudges, so I didn't know if Kyle would be able to feel them, but I had him put his hand on my stomach. Almost immediately baby kicked harder than he ever had!  Kyle said "WOAH I FELT THAT I FELT THAT THAT WAS CRAZY" for about 45 seconds haha.

This little guy is pretty relaxed. I feel him tumbling around throughout the day, but for the most part, when it comes to movements he is mellow. Mellow, yet strong-- no "flutters" for me. Just full on power moves from this dude. 
My baby bump is at that point were it is too big to wear my normal clothes, but too small to wear maternity clothes. The maternity pants slip down with each step, but normal pants, even elastic waist bands, hurt my stomach! If I have learned anything yet this pregnancy it is that not all elastic waist bands are created equal. The thicker the better. I have also learned that I love maternity pants. They might not fit quite perfectly yet, but man--can I just wear them forever? Who invented the belly pocket? They deserve a million hugs and kisses.

We got to see baby BOY brown today! It was phenomenal. Kyle got to be there. He came to the first ultrasound, but you couldn't even tell there was a baby in there at that point. Now the baby is big (about 6 inches long) and looks like a real person! It was so special to share together. They measured all of baby's anatomy and he is looking healthy and perfect. Prayers that he continues to grow that way! He was curled up the whole time. We joked that it was because it was so cold in the doctor's office. He was snuggled against the side of my uterus cuddling with his umbilical cord. He had his legs pulled up to his head and his arms covering his face. Snuggly just like his Dad! But, stubborn like his mom. Besides getting a ton of that gel stuff in my belly button (pretty unavoidable) our ultrasound tech was great. She kept hitting my stomach with the wand to try and get him to open up, but he was stalwart....and apparently very comfortable haha. We watched him swallow a few times and heard his heartbeat. She snagged a few pictures while he was swallowing and one swallow makes it look like he is giving us a huge smile. Even if it isn't a real smile, we love it. We, of course, saw that he was a BOY. Towards the end of the ultrasound, the tech switched it to 4-D and took a couple pictures for us. I have spent the last few hours of the day just staring at his cute face. I can't stop!

The ultrasound tech told us he was measuring 19 w 3 d. That would put us at a due date of February 17th. The second ultrasound we got in Utah said the 16th, so that seems to be the most accurate time frame!

Since the day we found out I was pregnant I have thought it was a little boy and hoped that my feeling was accurate. Kyle has really began to feel that way as well the last couple months. I would be very excited and happy for a little girl. Little girls are SO fun. But, I knew that this was our son. We would often find ourselves saying things like "But, when he's here....I mean when he or she is here..." or "Hey little guy! *pause, eyebrow raise from other spouse*....or girl..." We are so excited to meet him.

I know everyone was just dyyyyyyying to see what my bump looked like in just normal ol' clothes doing normal ol' things

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  1. All of this. I love it all. My comments are boring because my response to your writing is usually just YES. Or LOVE. Or yes, I love it. But I do! Another little Brown baby boy to carry forth the solid colorful surname: YES. Your cute little tummy and accurate descriptions of elastic waistbands: YES. You and Kyle with a baby: YES. LOVE.