Monday, September 12, 2016

Month 4

Hopefully this post will be significantly shorter than the last. I can never be too sure because I start at the beginning of the "month" (month in pregnancy time, not actual September, Oct, etc.) and just add to it every once in a while until the month in over.

Month 4:
-Aches and pains--lots of quick, momentary pains of all sorts in my stomach.
              All types. Sharp shooting, cramp-like, radiating, tightening, and some that I can't even describe. They are in all different spots and last anywhere from .5 seconds to a minute or two.
-Hungry about every hour. Small, consistent meals have become very necessary.
-I can eat meat again!
-The world knows!
-Developed a love of cooooold water. I'm usually a room temp kind of girl.
-Aversions: Sweets (granola bars, ice cream, cake, cookies, etc. This was only the first three weeks, because today I ate like 5 cookies).
-Cravings: None in particular

I have been so hungry. I have been sleeping too late because I don't sleep well during the night, so my day doesn't start until a few hours after it really should. I thought that might be one of the reasons I was just starving all day/night. I was at the point (okay....I'm still at the point) where I would eat a snack at 11:45 pm and then think "okay I have 20 minutes to get in bed and fall asleep before I need food again." It wasn't normal nighttime snacking cravings it was "I need to eat NOW." Today I decided to track calories just to see where I was at. I used SuperTracker for a nutrition class last semester, so I just stuck to that. Normal intake is based of a 2000 calorie diet--all that stuff you see on nutrition labels. Since I am pregnant, SuperTracker placed my needed calorie intake at 2200. Doing my tracking today left me at about 1200 calories--1000 calories behind my suggested intake. That gave further explanation to why I was so hungry when night time rolled around. New plan: waking up by 8, getting some food in me earlier, and focusing on protein throughout the day.
I THINK I felt baby move for the first time today! I really still am not sure if that is what it was, but it made me wonder "Have some of those weird things I've been feeling this month (see above) actually just baby moving?" I've heard those first flutters described as a goldfish swimming or popcorn popping. It definitely didn't feel like either of those things haha.
I do not have much of a bump to show off yet. Well, I definitely have a bump, but not one that is noticeable or that looks "pregnant." If I am wearing something really tight (skirt, see below or swimsuit, see --->) the bump is more noticeable. However, I don't think anybody is looking at my stomach at the grocery store saying "I bet that girl is pregnant." At first this made me feel kinda sad. I have many friends who are pregnant right now. They were all posting cute pictures of their adorable baby bumps! It was this weird situation where people would say "You're pregnant!? When are you due? I can't even tell you're pregnant." The WORST is when they add "Wait you're due at the same time as ________? Hm." Normally telling someone they are "skinny" is a compliment, but when you're pregnant you don't know what they mean. Is it supposed to be a compliment? If so, that's weird. Don't do that. Or is it supposed to be concern for the growth of your baby? How are you supposed to respond? "Oh thanks! I've been working really hard to look as un-pregnant as possible! I'm glad you noticed!"/"Oh no! I swear I'm doing what I'm supposed to! Ill talk to my doctor to make sure everything is okay." I usually laugh awkwardly and make some excuse about the clothes I'm wearing.

Sigh. The last few weeks I have come to terms with it! All of our bodies are different and that's not a bad thing. I will get my baby bump eventually and for now, I am going to be grateful that things haven't changed too much. Rock it.

Poochy tummy 

A bump emphasized by a need to pee and recently eating a bowl of Reese's Puffs :)


I had my first Dr's appt in NY today. This is the place that will deliver my baby so it is exciting that these appointments now feel like the real deal. My real Dr....A real office I can call with questions. Yay! Everything seems to be going according to plan. He did a quick ultrasound to check everything was still good with all those pains I've been having. He said that everything looked just dandy and my placenta was in a great location. It was the best weird-compliment I've ever received. Plus, I got to see baby for just a minute and hear that heart beating away! The Dr. concluded with "Well, it seems you will have a normal, fun pregnancy and delivery." Looking forward to that "fun" delivery, Doc.  

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  1. I'm so glad you do these monthly pregnancy updates because I have this inexplicable fear of calling busy people who live in far off time zones (aka, my father, you and Kyle, Brad and Dani). Rise above that skinny shaming! Seriously, my first pregnancy made my chest quadruple in size, but nothing else did. THAT was awkward. Hah! And that baby bump will come with a full vengeful back-aching fury soon enough. And you will handle it all like a goddess. :)