Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Break 2016: Philadelphia

We are considering this year's Fall Break trip as our "Babymoon"--because apparently that is a thing now. But, I should make it clear that my computer autocorrected babymoon to babylon haha. We just realized that this would be our last chance to be away together before baby comes and wanted to take advantage of it. It was a fun few days away together. I love Kyle Merrill!

We walked the Independence Mall, the Edgar Allen Poe historical site, went to see/do a session at the new Philadelphia Temple, saw a million college campuses (who knew), ate Smashburger and Chickfila, and went to Valley Forge. Mostly we enjoyed the luxury of free hotel breakfast and a king size bed. We did not see the LOVE sign, though we tried, or eat a single cheesesteak. We chose relaxation over seeing all the sites and doing all the things.

New Temple! So beautiful (and big)

Edgar Allen Poe Historical Site <3

Taking pictures with statues. It's a Burnham Family tradition. A ridiculous tradition that I love. 

I had a moment with this squirrel. It was a mama squirrel, who I have concluded recently gave birth, so I think we had a connection. At first I was scared the squirrel would nip my finger by accident trying to grab the almond, so I was dropping them before she got to me. But, I decided to just see what happened and not chicken out. The squirrel came up to my hand, stood of her hind legs, and grabbed my two fingers with her other two little paws to steady herself, and then leaned forward gently to taken the almond from between my fingers. It was seriously the coolest. 

TINY TURTLES in China Town. When it comes to vacation photos from me you can count on three things: animals, statues, and temples haha. 

Valley Forge! 

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  1. Fun! I was born just outside of Philadelphia and I've never been back after the age of 1.