Thursday, February 11, 2016


I think my 22nd birthday was one of the best I have had in a while! Kyle is a rockstar. I told Kyle that I wanted those sugar cookies with pink frosting for my birthday treat, then changed my mind and decided I wanted nothing more than sour cream doughnuts as my "cake." However, we couldn't find any at the store the night before my birthday. Sugar cookies with pink frosting it was. The morning of my birthday Kyle dropped me off at the gym and then when he picked me up he was carrying none other than a dozen sour cream Dunkin Doughnuts. Point number one. Next, I dropped him at school where he presented me with a little cactus and another little succulent plant. I have been commenting about wanting some for the last several months and I felt extra special knowing that he listened to my ravings. Point number two. I had a morning brunch "tea party" with some friends here. When night time rolled around, I got ready for the night, not knowing where we were going. We opened presents (thanks everyone!) where amongst the others I got a pack of Oreos, two packs of oatmeal cream pies, and two packs of other types of cookies. Needless to say: sugar coma. We went to dinner at a restaurant we had never been to before (something that he knows I like to do, but isn't his favorite) and ended the night with latin dancing, again, something I have always wanted to do. He put up with my incessant eye rolling at his antics. By the end of our night I think we were actually pretty good salsa-ers. Kyle even snuck my ID from my wallet when I wasn't paying attention so we could get in, but he wouldn't have to give anything away. Fifty points to Gryffindor! 

Kyle is particularly talented at making me feel like like the most special person alive. Remember how we have been married for almost a year? How did that happen. 

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