Monday, January 25, 2016

Difficulty of the Dive

As many who read this blog might understand, I have been thinking about trials lately. Mostly I've been considering my own trials. 

I have lived a very blessed life. My life has not been plagued by hardship after hardship. However, the few larger trials which I have had seem....well, large. I know there are many more down the road and my trial journey is far from over. 

While my life has been such a blessed one and I have so much to be grateful for and so much for which I am grateful, I still find myself at some time or another, sorrowing for my trials. Right now, this happens just about every day. And then I look at others, who I know are struggling with things even greater than I am, and my heart sorrows for them. 

But today I was comforted with a story and quote from Elder Neal A. Maxwell. I thought it was worth sharing: 

"Elder Maxwell once taught a group of people who lived with really hard daily challenges.  He had been watching the Olympic diving competition, where he had learned that the judges grade a dive not just by how graceful it looks to the public, but by how difficult the dive is—which only the judges can understand enough to measure. Elder Maxwell told this group that the Lord will judge their lives by the difficulty of their dive, which He understands in every detail." 


  1. Excellent quote!
    Hang in there, sweet girl -- we are loving and praying for you every day, on both sides of the veil.