Monday, March 7, 2016

Summer Plans

Our summer plans have finally been decided upon. Well, Kyle's were decided quite a few weeks ago and now I've been trying to get my rear in gear and figure myself out. Kyle accepted an internship as a technology consultant with Coldwell Banker. Basically, if my understanding is correct, this means he will be researching new technology that the company could implement that would help them improve with x,y, or z. Pretty neat! We will be spending our summer months in Utah and are so excited. We will be living with my sister, Lindsey and her family. Here are some reasons I'm excited about this: 

1. I'm convinced Lindsey loves me a little extra because she watched my birth (ew, I know, right) and I LOVE her!
2. They have chickens
3. They have a wicked awesome garden with FRESH RASPBERRIES
4. My nieces and nephews will be there <3
5. Kyle will have Brian there to discuss the technology mumbo jumbo and he will actually UNDERSTAND, unlike me. Kyle has taught me so much though. 
6. We have friends in Utah!
7. Lindsey and Brian have a dishwasher!!!! Maybe this should be first on the list. 
8. Being in Utah means being closer to our family just in general, making it easier to pop back to Seattle for vacay.  
9. Seven Peaks 
10. Chickfila

This summer I will be sitting in on CES teacher training courses and volunteering with a host of organizations that I met at the conference I attended in the Fall. Mostly my focus will be working with Smarter Parenting and O.U.R. I am still putting my feelers out....who knows what will happen!

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  1. Great list! It made me laugh,and cheer, and wish I could be in Utah in the summer,too!