Monday, September 28, 2015

My View on Marriage

Maybe, based on the title, you thought this blog post was going to be about my political stance on marriage. Well, it isn't. Quite the opposite. 

*WARNING: Super Cheese*

Kyle and I have been married for six months, half a year, or about 262,974 minutes. Ive heard many times and I am sure you have too that: "The first year of marriage is the hardest." Speaking from my half-a-year of marriage experience thus far, I certainly hope that the first year is the hardest, because man has it been hard. 

It is really hard when you come home each day to an exclamation of "You're finally home!" followed by quick steps and tight hugs. It is really hard when you are in the middle of school work and a song starts to play over the IHome and your husband walks in and takes your hand and dances with you around the living room. It is rough having someone who can make you smile no matter the circumstance. It is really hard waking up to a sleepy face that pulls you close and just holds you for a while. It's REALLY hard hearing "I love you so much" 30000 times a day. It's really hard not trying to turn every conversation you have into a discussion about why you love your husband so much. It's really hard when you watch your husband teach young missionaries and magnify his calling. It is hard knowing there is someone who will always stand for truth and righteousness, right at your side. It is really hard to have someone who listens to you rant on and on about something that happened on Facebook. It is so hard when you are told you are beautiful. It is hard to come home to a clean house. It is mostly hard when you have a complete and utter break down and your husband holds you tightly, rocks you back and forth quietly repeating "It will be okay, you're okay, it's okay."

All sarcasm aside, I feel so immensely blessed to have Kyle by my side. He is so gentle and patient. He is stalwart and dedicated. He brings joy to each day. 

Here's to 6 months! 


  1. Zero cheese -- this was beautiful.
    Reading this made me happy!
    LOVE you guys!

  2. YES! Marriage is the very best. I love seeing my brothers be GOOD husbands to their amazing wives. I'm so glad Kyle has you and you have him! <3