Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Browns Take DC

This past weekend was Fall Break aka the last time Kyle will be free for the next six months aka the last time I will see my husband for the next six months. Okay, that might have been a bit of an exaggeration. But, Kyle has officially started the basketball season. Yay! Bring on endless basketball games. That wasn't sarcastic, I can't wait! I mean, i'll miss having extra Kyle time, but super excited to see Kyle in this element.

Kyle and I both kinda fell in love with DC. The fact that the weather was absolutely gorgeous probably helped. We both agree that it feels a lot like an East Coast a whole bunch of important government buildings. We had a great weekend spending time with my brother and friend Ryan. We toured the sites, didn't go to the bank like we were supposed to, and ate way to much food. If you ask Kyle, we didn't eat enough food.

Road Trips aren't my most glamorous time

Homemade Poptarts. So good. WOWZA. We bought one of every kind then huddled on the sidewalk and ate them like animals.

Fun DC details

Taking pictures with statues is a Burnham family tradition

Hey Obama

I started taking pics of Zack to get him to try and get him to listen to me because apparently I'm still five years old, but this one actually turned out kinda good! Those eyes are just like my Dad's. I sure do miss him. 

Lincoln Memorial

Selfie with Abe!

So, this was crazy. There is this weird phenomenon where I can't go anywhere without running into someone that I know. It really is quite strange--ask Kyle.  But this weekend, not only did I happen to run into two people that I knew (one while walking the monuments and one at church) but they were both AP's from my mission. What? In that SAME WARD was also someone from Kyle's mission. So eventful. 

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