Saturday, August 8, 2015

"This is reality, Greg!"

Kyle and I enjoy our Friday date nights. We also enjoy the fact that every day is a date because it is just us! It's great. On Fridays we try to do an actual date. Sometimes we are better at it than other times. This weekend Kyle nailed it! We hadn't gone on a really "real" date in a while (how long can a while be since we have only been married 4 months? haha). So this weekend Kyle told me our date was a surprise. When Friday rolled around, we made our way first to Purity Ice Cream and then to a movie in the park. Purity has a reputation here for being the best and I have been wanting to try it for a while. Kyle made it our first stop. Then we headed to stop two--the movie in the park. This was especially significant to us, since our first date was a movie in the park. As we got to the park we had one of those moments that probably won't be as funny in writing as it was in real life, but I'm gonna try and explain it anyway. Kyle, purely motivated Kyle, the planner of our date, carried along the tote bag he had prepared. First, he pulls out a blanket to lay on and says proudly "I brought a sheet to put down under our blanket so it doesn't get dirty." He whips out the sheet and his face just falls in disappointed and he says "Awwhhhh no it's the fitted sheet!" I couldn't decide whether to laugh, console or be proud about the fact I had folded the sheet well enough he couldn't tell earlier. Then from the bottom of the bag he pulls out a pillow, straight from our bed, white pillow case and all. Don't worry, like I did, it surprisingly didn't get dirty. Then we laid down on our blanket and I asked Kyle what movie was playing to which he replied, "...ET..." HA! Life is just too good. So there we were on our fitted sheet, with a pillow from our bed, watching E.T. I couldn't help but just smile and be grateful for my sweet, thoughtful wonderful husband.

E.T. phone home


Speaking of E.T., HELLO no wonder I have been paranoid my whole life--why the heck was I allowed to watch that as a child MOM AND DAD!? 

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  1. Watching movies a little too advanced/scary for your age is an unfortunate consequence of being the youngest!