Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Simple Things

      This week has been a mellow one. I finished my semester of school and have this week just to relax. I start nannying for a family here in town next week and begin school again in about a month. Kyle will keep working for the next two-ish/three weeks and then start school and basketball up again in full swing! Life is so exciting and changes so constantly in this stage we are in. We like it...most of the time. 
      After church today, Kyle and I came home and ate a quick lunch (PB&J of course). We then headed out to visit with some people. At dinner time, we returned home and Kyle began on the seemingly insurmountable pile of dishes that I hadn't done in several days (cough cough) and I began to make a makeshift, "why don't we make pizza" whim, pizza for dinner. On a scale of 1-10 the pizza turned out like a five. Edible and enjoyable enough that it wasn't painful to eat, but not quite good enough that you wished there was more. We enjoyed our level five pizza as we sat on our little couch and chatted together. Part way through our meal, after we had been quietly chewing for a few minutes, Kyle says: "Isn't that just the greatest invention ever?" I looked at him with my mouth full of pizza and offered a quizzical look as to what he was referring to. Could it be the Air Conditioning? The iPad? The toilet? All great inventions. He nodded to the water pitcher sitting on our coffee table and says "The pitcher!" 
       The pitcher had no fancy filter or "BRITA" printed on the side. It was just a glass pitcher that holds liquid, our liquid of choice being water. And with his words I was increasingly grateful for the state of life we are in. That while we sit together in our little apartment, eating our makeshift pizza, Kyle (and hopefully I as well) can appreciate the smallest thing as a great luxury. Our Pitcher. I hope the wonder we hold for the world and the smallest things we find so wonderful never fade with the memories of this stage, but that we are always amazed by the small and simple things life has to offer. 

Besides, what is better than a cold glass of water? 

{Addendum: Tonight Kyle and I had a lovely FHE and then went on the short walk to retrieve our mail. On the way back to the house, I noticed a little glimmer from the sidewalk and pointed it out to Kyle. "It is a firefly" He informed me!!! I was so excited! I have always seen movies and stuff where people catch fireflies and always wanted to do it in real life. So, I picked up the firefly and it sat on the tip of my finger and lit up over and over again and it was the coolest thing ever. Small and simple things, my friends}

Watkins Glen State Park aka Arrendale 

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  1. You have never seen a firefly?!?!?!

    For that reason alone, I am glad you are in NY. Seriously.

    Also, I love your blog. Even if I only read it every few months. It allows me to be a part of your life even though you are so far away. Happy six months!