Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Mid-day Memorial day we decided to head out for a little picnic of watermelon and macaroni salad. 

I have this thing where I can only eat one type of food for so long before I become conscious of the fact that I have been eating one food and then it repulses me. That never happens with watermelon. I could eat it forever. I <3 you, watermelon. 

Moments later, Kyle was translated. 

I excluded the pictures of the watermelon fight, also the pictures of us kissing--you're welcome. 

We stumbled upon this gorgeous park--because that is something you can do here. We were looking for a different park, but ended up here instead and man oh man was it worth it. 

One day i'll do a post about all the places I've found Kyle napping. 

Happy Memorial Day! We are so grateful for those who serve our country now and those who have in the past. What a blessing it is to live in this beautiful, free country. We are so blessed. 

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