Thursday, May 28, 2015

Honeymoon Story #tbt

Don't let the title deter you, this isn't going to be a weird story. 

(Let me first just apologize for how often I write on this thing. I realize that only like 5 people read it and one of those people is my husband, so it's not like I'm writing to the masses, but I still recognize that my writing is excessive. Eventually, I will be busy with life and only be able to update every so often, but for now, it is an activity other than homework, TV and walking outside. Indulge me a little)

In honor of TBT (throw back Thurs, Instagram thing) I was thinking about our honeymoon. To be honest, I started thinking about it because I noticed my tan lines are fading. So sad. Anyway, I remembered one night in particular that was extra special to me and I wanted to share it. 

The resort we stayed at was all inclusive and there were several restaurants throughout that you could choose from for meals. One of our last nights in Mexico we decided on the restaurant we went to the first night, because Kyle loved the steak. After drinking about 27 virgin pina coladas waiting for our food, another couple came and was seated behind us. The week we were there, the resort couldn't have even been half full, so it was normal to be in a restaurant with only a couple other people (except for one lunchtime when we didn't get our lunch for like 1.5 hours ooooooohhhheee, not a happy camper about that one.) After 15 or so minutes Kyle and I hear a deep "Hey....Hey!" We turn around to find the man talking to us. "Hi..." I said back, really hoping we hadn't done something to upset him. He looked like a professional wrestler. He was tough, tattooed, and had arms bigger than my whole body. 
He then proceeded: "Are y'all on your honeymoon?" when we affirmed he said "See, I told you. I knew it. Ive seen you guys around the resort, at the pool and stuff and I can just see true love when I see it. It's really great, don't let that go. Ill buy some wine and send it up to the room tonight, as a congratulations." We said thank you 4 times each and then turned around to continue our meal. 

What he said touched my heart! 1) How unexpected 2) How kind of him 3) He might of already been a little drunk because he didn't know what room we were in, the resort was all inclusive so the wine would have been free anyway, and we don't drink, but hey--kind gesture. 

My first semester of college I wrote a belief paper. We had to determine something we believed in and write a paper about it. It couldn't be a religious belief just a common belief. One kid wrote a paper about how he believed in cool grandmas. Mine was called "I believe in being a homie." The title had a story attached to it, but basically my belief was that I believe in telling people the good we see in them. Mr. Professional Wrestler certainly did that for us that night and I still remember it, two months later (today! Happy 2 month anniversary to us!) Going out of his way to compliment us really impacted me. 

Im grateful for people like that. Here are some honeymoon pics, for your enjoyment. 

This cab ride cost us over 100 bucks. Not kidding. 

We saw baby seals. Also this rock shaped like a dragon.

Kyle and I made sand "houses." If you can even decipher where they are, guess whose is whose. Ha.  

Infinity pools that overlook the ocean? Well, if you insist. 


  1. Remember that I'm one of the five people (I'm sure there are more) who read your blog, and you'll never have to apologize about writing a lot. Sometimes I feel like I should post less, but really, who cares? It's just as much for me as it is for my small circle of viewers! And I always LOVE reading what the few friends who actually post anymore have to say. This was a good memory. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Hear, hear !
    I love reading EVERY word.
    Don't stop.