Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dime Zack

My best friend brother graduated from Law School two weekends ago. Unfortunately, my blog on it is a little on the late side. I am so proud of Zackary. He is an example to me of diligence, faith, and hard work and always has been. He is stalwart (or stubborn, you choose.) He is a sensitive soul and constantly kind (after a good beat down of course, but only if you are me haha.) He is endlessly intelligent. I will stop there because my list would be too long. I rely on him and his insight's more than he probably knows. I love him. 

I've been demonstrative since the womb 

The wind was a-blowin


He's single, ladies

                                                                                          2016 "You're so cute!" ft. wind 2012

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