Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our First Christmas

Though this Christmas was a bit muted, it was still a good one. I kinda loved having Christmas with just the two of us :) It was peaceful. The night before Christmas we sang all the Christmas hymns together, a Brown Family tradition. Every few songs we read: the prediction of Christ's birth from Samuel the Lamanite, the account of His birth in the Americas, and to conclude Luke 2. This is a little something we are hoping to make our own tradition. On Christmas day, we woke up and opened presents. Then some guys from the team who were here in Ithaca and alone came over for breakfast (at noon.) We had french toast, hash browns, eggs, and sausage. This was a Burnham family tradition. My mom never cooked dinner on Christmas day, just a big breakfast to break up the present opening. After a few rounds of Uno we headed with the guys over to Coach's house for some more delicious food. That night we got to Skype with Mel (Kyle's sister) in Cambodia and it was AWESOME.

Here is my dog, as a reindeer. 

Our "would-have-been-if-I-had-ever-done-it" Christmas cards

Christmas Eve dinner, lasagna and caesar salad. Burnham family tradition. 

Our itty bitty olive wood nativity

Christmas Eve! All that is missing are our filled stockings. Those stockings sitting on the ground weren't ours. 

Christmas jammies!

Our "First Christmas Together" ornament

My mom had all our presents wrapped and ready to send us before she passed. It was a tender mercy to open them all on Christmas morning. Heart breaking and wonderful all at once. 

After! We love that cute nativity Brad and Dani! 

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