Tuesday, December 1, 2015



We decided to do most of the celebrating on Sunday since Kyle is gone during the week/weekends, besides Sunday, with basketball. We had some friends over, ate Kyle's meal of choice, and gulped down some root beer floats while playing Life. When was the last time you played Life? Have you played the new version? In the new version all you do is get money. You end up with like millions and millions of dollars at the end. Also, you get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for getting married. It is all very realistic.

On Kyle's actual birthday, Monday, I woke up a little bit before his alarm went off and snuck out to buy doughnuts which I oh so lovingly brought to him in bed. I woke him by singing happy birthday. He woke up, confused, said "Oh thank you" and then went back to sleep. Bless his sleepy heart. We enjoyed the doughnuts a half hour later once he woke up ;)

This year in the life of Kyle:

-Finished his freshman year of college
-Began his sophomore year
-Played basketball for Cornell
-Worked at the Johnson School of Business at Cornell
-Got married
-Moved to a new apartment
-Began developing two apps for the IPhone
-Got called as the Ward Mission Leader/trained in Zone Conference
-Discovered his love for dishwashers

I'm excited to see all he does as a 23 year old!

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