Sunday, September 6, 2015


For a little catchup, Kyle has started classes. So far the semester is going well! He isn't in any programming classes this semester and he misses those. But he IS taking a law class (my family has had so much influence....also it is required...potato potAHto) I start classes next week. I am taking a class about drugs. So you see where my passions truly lie. It is still hot and gorgeous here, but that could literally change tomorrow. Some fall colors are starting to creep in, which makes Ithaca especially breathtaking. We, along with everyone else in this town, are spending our days outside as much as possible to soak up the sun while it still exists. Speaking of which, I picked and ate fresh peaches this week and WOW. 

Yesterday after a very full day of physical exertion, Kyle and I, exhaustedly, had our date night that had been forgone (is that the past tense of forego? Is that how you spell forego? Does forego even have a past tense?) the night before. We spent some time contemplating whether or not we should get a fish at the pet store and then as we were driving home Kyle mentioned that it sounded like the tire was flat. We pushed on them a little and they seemed fine so we decided to give it a couple days and see how it went. Note to self: If you even suspect a tire is flat, fill it up. On our way to church this morning we got a flat tire. We made it, slowly, to the church and then Kyle and another YSA got down and dirty putting on the spare. Life is so exciting!

In a way the flat tire made me feel really blessed. Yes we got a flat and yes we will probably have to spend some money to get something fixed. Those could be seen as unfortunate events. Yet, as we broke our fast today I felt so grateful that we had someone there to help us change it, it happened while we were together, it happened during the day and that no other damage was caused. I could have gotten the flat tire driving from from Syracuse at midnight on the middle of the highway. But I didn't. Today I felt really grateful for that. 

I had just washed this shirt....

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