Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

         This weekend Kyle and I took our first ever "trip" together! I mean, we went to Mexico, but after that. We spent the weekend in Buffalo with the Brown padres. It was wonderful! They are so so good to us and it was so fun to be with them for a few, all to short, days. Note to all Readers: When in Buffalo, NY go eat at Betty's and order their caesar salad. Seriously, the most delicious caesar salad I have ever had. I have been craving it since. I even called to get the recipe, but they were closed. I will call again--don't worry. To top off the weekend, Charley gave one of the greatest talks I have heard--especially one of the greatest talks I have ever heard on fatherhood. You guys, I mean, it was really, really good. 

Um. This happened! One of my friends from my last semester at BYUI was serving in the Buffalo ward. Happy reunion!


Niagara was as beautiful as everyone describes. Wowza. 

You are probably wondering what this is, besides branches that overhang the rushing Niagara rapids. Story time. There was a bird that was hopping along the branches and Meri pointed it out because it had worms or something in its mouth. We were oo-ing and ah-ing over the bird when someone (I had wandered and was called back so I don't know which family member discovered it) discovered a nest of three baby birds. This little nest was precariously perched over the rapids! We watched in amazement for a good while. Maybe if you look closely enough, you will be able to spot those little guys. 

 Perk to being the 6'8", long armed,  Charley Brown (among many others) : You can take great selfies. 

And a Happy Father's day to this sweet basketball playing husband of mine. He is just the greatest. 

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