Saturday, March 18, 2017

One Month Update


10 lbs, 21 inches

-Eats every three hours like clock work and has gained nearly 3 pounds since birth
-Great eater--sometimes too good.
-He ends up spitting up good portions of his feedings on occasion, because he eats too much. At least, that's what we think it is right now. Poor baby. It makes us feel so sad when his spitting up turns to full on puking with milk coming out of his nose. He gets the saddest/most confused little face after he has puked that breaks my mama heart!
-Sleeps well in his bassinet
-Takes and likes a binky! He has a lamb wub-a-nub that we have used exclusively thus far
-He sleeps well during the night, most of the time. If we are lucky, we get a 4 hour stretch (usually from about 10/11-2/3). Then he eats and I burp/rock him back to sleep. I usually lay him down around 4 and he sleeps again until 6/7. Then he will eat and go back to sleep again until around 9. This is an ideal night. Many nights do NOT go like this. The nights that he has an upset stomach and is trying to sleep, but can't sleep soundly because he keeps spitting up or has gas stuck in his belly he can't seem to get out are harder.
-Makes crazy grunting noises in his sleep 
-Does NOT like baths. Does not like being cold. 
-Does not really cry unless he is being bathed. We feel really grateful during the night that even when he is fussy (wriggly and making little grunting noises), he isn't crying. He is starting to find his voice and state his opinion more, though. 
-Is very tolerant of everything. You can poke, pick, move, and wiggle him and he doesn't care in the least
-Except his ears, he doesn't love having his ears played with
-Likes to be swaddled, but also likes to sleep with his hands by/covering his face. We usually swaddle him at night, but keep his arms free during the day for naps.
-Is getting better at making eye contact/following us with his eyes
-Started bearing weight on his legs at about 2 weeks old.
-Holds his head up very well
-Makes some great faces. His waking up face is my personal favorite.  
-Loud noises do not bother him, except for the sound of dishes clinking together. He doesn't like utensils hitting plates/bowls or dishes clanking together in the sink. 

(A few hours old doing the Pirate Eye)

-Healing well! I was surprised at the seeming quickness of recovery. My stitches still cause me pain, but overall things are pretty good. 
-I was an emotional basket case for the first week, but the roller-coaster emotions have since settled
-I love to hold, squish, kiss, and cuddle my baby
-His sweet face and coos make middle of the night feedings still joyful
-Survived food poisoning while caring for a 3 week old

I've been thinking a lot about body image. Having a baby had an effect on my self-view that I wasn't expecting. I've always felt self conscious and chubby. This and that weren't right blah blah blah--typical teen and young adult body insecurities. 

Pregnancy enhanced these feelings as I gained weight--heaven forbid I gain weight. (*rolling eyes*) I gained a lot of weight. I was so concerned with the body changes--the swelling, the stretch marks, the hip expansion. I knew my body would never be the same and that made my pregnant self feel very sad, worried, and insecure. 

Then I gave birth and you know what? I discovered a love for my body that I had never known before! I had heard a lot of moms talk about how powerful their bodies were because they had given life to another person. I thought it was a great sentiment, but didn't think I would feel that way. BUT I DO. When I look at my body it is not close to what my old "ideal" was. But, I love my stretch marks. I have a lot of them and I LIKE them. They make me feel like I did something remarkable. I'm proud of my body's ability to heal and shrink back down at all--that's amazing! How does that happen!? I like my soft tummy skin rolls. They make me feel cuddly for my baby. I'm amazed that my body did something so miraculous. How could I be upset with it after all it has been through? Instead I feel proud and for the first time in my life, not at all ashamed of it. 


-Ezra enjoys peeing only on Kyle. It is hilarious and wonderful.
-Kyle has become a burping, diaper and outfit changing champion
-Speaking of champions. Kyle wins all the awards for "Best Swaddler." It is a talent. Nothing helps Ezra sleep (and stay asleep) like a good swaddle from Dad.

(Kyle comforting Ezra as we are about to head home from the hospital)

-School, basketball, his calling and fatherhood has been nothing short of a professional balancing act. He always shows Ezra and I we are priority #1, which makes this girl's heart burst with gratitude and love. Kyle is the G-R-E-A-T-E-S-T. I couldn't say it enough.
-Will get up to rock the baby at any hour of the night or morning
-Survived food poisoning while caring for a 3 week old 

Overall, we feel so grateful that Ezra is ours. We are so grateful for his health and content, happy demeanor. We love love love our little Ez. 

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