Saturday, April 9, 2016

Let's Rock and Roll

"School's out. Let's rock and roll. School's out! I'm gonna loose control. School's out. [something..I don't remember all the words] never ends. School's out! Party with my friends. School's out!"

I don't remember which Disney Channel show/movie this little song came from, but I have been singing it both in my head and out loud today and yesterday. Yesterday my semester officially ended!! Four and a half consecutive semesters, my friends. My. brain. is. fried. 

Don't get me wrong, this semester was a great one. Hands down one of the most influential semesters ,as far as my vocational interests go. I learned a lot and enjoyed each of my classes. I took, Teachings of the Living Prophets, Money Management (required for my major, but very applicable to everyday life), Personal Health and Fitness (elective class), Communication Essentials, Family Relations, and Child and Family Advocacy. I think I've decided that taking six classes isn't something I am going to do again. Four. Five. Those are good numbers. The textbook for my Family Relations class was one of the most interesting textbooks I have ever read. I would read it for leisure. I mean, it was data heavy and very much a textbook, but topics that purely fascinated me. Now it is time for a break. A blessed break. For me, that means my degree getting pushed back a semester farther, but Kyle and I agree that my emotional and mental wellbeing are worth an extra four months. Also, how long in your life do you get to just be a student? Why am I trying to rush it along, anyway? 

Last night for date night/celebration of my liberation, we drove to Syracuse and enjoyed a crab, coconut shrimp, and cheddar bay biscuit feast at Red Lobster (we had a gift card.) Then we spent the night with my brother, Zack, watching the new Star Wars and playing Ticket to Ride. Today, we went to the Cornell Vet School open house and I pet a piglet and milked a cow. So, for anyone who knows me--dream come true. This mental health/actually taking a summer break thing is getting off to a great start. 

{Life! I love it! This season of life is just so exciting. We don't know what is going to happen next. Growing up, you know all your "nexts" more or less. High school, driving, graduation, college, a mission, marriage......but then the path of "decideds" just stops. There were so many things that both Kyle and I started doing or have been able to participate in this year that I wouldn't have even thought of, as far as planning goes. Who knows what our next year will bring (years for us are still measured by when school starts and ends haha.) Who knows what our years after school will bring. Where will we work? Where will we live? Will there be more than just us? Will we end up going back to school? Where will we go then? It is just so unknown, and for the first time in my life, the unknown doesn't bother me one bit.}

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  1. You are SO smart!
    Enjoy . . . relish . . . bask in . . . your rejuvenating summer break!