Friday, November 27, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving from the Browns! It was not a traditional Thanksgiving that either of us are used to, but it was definitely one for the books. Our day started with Kyle getting home from an away game at 3 am. Since he got home so late, I spent Thanksgiving morning trying my hand at pie making while Kyle slept in a little--you gotta get in your full 8! 

At 2 we headed to the gym and met up with the basketball team. We went around and said something we were grateful for. It was special to see all the guys soften for a few minutes. Then we headed to a restaurant for dinner. The food was actually quite delicious! Who can say no to a Thanksgiving buffet? After some group pictures we headed back to Ithaca. 

We headed to the Ithaca Ward/ Cornell Branch pie contest. It was so much fun! They had music playing and everyone was dancing--children, old ladies with walkers, and everyone in between. We only stayed for a little while and after busting a few dance moves, headed to the mall, where we bought a couple Christmas decorations. 

We headed home, watched football, and made a snowman out of a sock (thanks for the years of training, Meri!) We (really, I) polished off an apple pie and then, Thanksgiving was over! Kyle and I both feel so abundantly blessed for the life we have been given and are currently living. The other day we were at dinner with Kyle's parents and Charley said to us: "Do you ever just think 'Wow we are living the dream!?' " The answer was of course: YES! We are so grateful to be married and together! We spent such a long time apart. We thank the Lord daily for Temples and the sealing power that is on the earth so that our family can be forever. We are grateful that we are both able to receive higher education. There are so many people who don't get that blessing. We are grateful for our parents and the support they provide us. Seriously. We are grateful for our cute apartment and food each day. We don't want for anything. We are grateful for the basketball team and the unique opportunity that gives Kyle! Kyle is grateful that he can eat dairy again. I am grateful for a healthy body that moves and works like it should. We are both so exceedingly grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


(There were two other women there!! Both, married to coaches (one of them who was married a couple months after Kyle and I were haha--but women none the less!)

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