Sunday, May 10, 2015

To My Angel Mother

Dear Mama, 

Hi mama. Everything I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother, Catherine Burnham. Though Abraham Lincoln said this about his own mother, I think he would approve of the same statement being said about you. I have never known a person so diligent, hard working, and tender hearted in my whole entire life. I didn't know it was possible to be so strong and so gentle at the same time. 
As I look back on my life and ponder what it is I learned from my mother, I can hardly count them all. Let me a name a few: Life is hard, then you die. Clean up as you go along. Clean in the corners. God is in the details. Always and Forever. Of all the things I learned from you, I think I learned most the importance of motherhood. Is there a single person in the whole world who has worked harder to be the best mother the world holds than you have? You gave us your whole soul and heart. You made our home a place where we always felt safe and where the Spirit could always dwell. And somehow you made it look enjoyable and easy, even though I know it wasn't--even a little bit. Now I want to be a mom, one day, just like you. 

So thanks mama, for every meal, every prayer, all the letters, every ride, every hug, every worry, every attendance, every vomit-clean up, every broken heart that you might have had, for me. Thanks for never giving up on me or any of us. We needed Catherine Burnham. Heavenly Father knew that you were the mother that I needed (and still need!). Remember, you taught me He is in the details. I owe everything I am and all I could ever hope to be, to you, my angel mother.

P.S. Thanks for letting me wear your wedding dress. 

(Mom-in-law! I am so happy to be officially part of the family after waiting and wanting to be a part of it for so long! I love you and am so grateful for the letters and peanut butter on my mission, and the warm hugs/ laughs we share! I look forward to coming back home and playing contact rummy and golf! Love- your favorite son-in-law! Kyle)

Dear Ma, 

First off, I love you! I find it hard to write what I really want to say in situations like this, but I hope my attempt to do so will reach out and give your big heart a little hug! As lists are something that all us Brown children learned from you, I decided to make you my Mother's Day list, so here it is.

Ma's Day List: A few things mom has done for me in my life.
  1. My mom has given me a love of the scriptures. I remember since I was 8 years old seeing your old black worn down scriptures and thinking to myself, one day, I hope I can read my scriptures enough, and know them so well as to have them look like yours. The excitement I get when I read The Book of Mormon and other standard works comes from the time we spent in FHE memorizing the family scripture and later my discussions about the scriptures with you. I love the scriptures!
  2. My mom has given me a love of learning. While connected with number 1, it is a little bit different! From learning to read, and loving it, to learning about differential equations and loving to tell you all I was learning, I can say that I love learning thanks to my mom and her example.
  3. My mom has given me a love of the Savior. and His gospel Shortly before my mission, while reading in The Book of Mormon story of the sons of Helaman, Mom talked to us 2 remaining children who were in the house and said she was worried that we might not know like the 2000 stripping warriors knew, that she knew the gospel to be true and that she loved the Savior. In my head, I said to myself that she didn't have to tell us, simply through her life, she showed us every day that He was the center of our home. My mom helped me gain a love for Jesus Christ through her example.
These are only 3 of the many things you have given me! I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!
Your punkin' boy, counter baby

(Oh Ma-in-law, I love you! If I could dream up a mother in law, it would be you. Thank you for raising this wonderful man that is now my husband. I couldn't thank you enough...)

This might be the best picture from our whole wedding. Kyle and I both got teary eyed when we first saw it. 


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  1. Thanks for the beautiful words. You two are radiant sunlight -- the way you shine so much goodness all around. I love you always.